Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I do believe that hitchhiking has changed because society has changed. During Chris's adventure and in earlier times people were a lot more trusting because not as many crimes or crazy people were out there/known about. Picking up somebody along the side of the road was an act of kindness. Nowadays hitchhiking is more dangerous because people in society are more dangerous. Being able to be picked up while hitchhiking is also less likely. There are bunch of movies out and stories in the news about hitchhiking gone bad and killers posing as people who just need a ride. This freaks people out making them not want to pick up people off the road, not out of rudeness but fear.
I for one would never hitchhike or pick somebody because of the fear of being trapped in a car with a crazy person and not being able to help myself. But for those out there who need a ride, can defend them self, and can trust people, hitchhiking can be helpful. It gets you where you need to go and helped Chris continue on his journey. Without hitchhiking I don't think Chris would have made it to a lot of the places along his travels.


  1. Society has definitely changed. I agree that people are not willing to pick up a random stranger on the side of the street because it may be dangerous. Many people let that fear consume them, and so they tend to not act kindly towards those at the "bottom" of society. The media has publized that bad things can happen to those who pick up strangers, such as death or getting extremely beat up. But there are some people who just ignore those who need help; although fear is probably more of a factor.

    Hitchhiking greatly helped Chris out and he did make it further than if he would've walked, due to his stamina, the weather and other conditions. But people nowadays aren't as open as Gallien was.

  2. Fear plays a big role in it. We probably all were thinking it, but you said it. I could never see myself picking up a hitchhiker. I would say something about how crazy they could be, but really I'm just scared. And that fear comes from the media. Totally right. But even knowing that people like Chris hitchhike doesn't make me want to pick someone up. Still too risky for me.

  3. Hitchhikking is scary for both parties, you don't know who's getting in your car, and they dont know who's picking them up. One huge thing we are taught by our parents is to be safe and dont trust everyone around us. Anytime I drive by someone with their thumb out, I do feel somewhat selfish because maybe they are nice and just need a ride, but what if they arent.