Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Matt White-Makes Me Happy

So my song of choice is "Makes Me Happy" by Matt White Band. This isn't necessarily my favorite song, and not my favorite artist either. But, it is a song that has stood out to me and my go to song for almost any mood. It can brighten up a bad mood, or make a good mood even easier to express. Sounds a little corny but I like it.
Overall the lyrics are sung by a man who is falling in love with a woman. Throughout the song he talks about the little things that make him happy when he's with the woman. For example, a line that is repeated throughout the song is "One of those days, one of those moments, you just, make me happy." To me is shows the simplicity of being happy. How little things can brighten your day or make you smile. To me it's also not just limited to that "special someone" or being in love. It can be any little thing that makes everything in life seem okay.
Besides the lyrics, the melody is upbeat and catchy. This makes the song one of those that gets stuck in your head, but in a good way. At least for me. When listening to "Makes Me Happy," several images come to mind such as anything that made me happy throughout the day, or just recently. You also can't help but think of the "good ol days" and happy memories of your past considering the song talks about inspiration and being happy. Again, this may sound lame but it always puts me in a good mood or adds to my good moods.


  1. That sounds like the perfect song. When a song can be used at anytime to cheer you up it is perfect. It's not lame because everyone has one of those songs. A lot of the songs I listen to bring me back to the good ol' days. That is why I listen to them I guess. Not because they are the best songs, but because they cheer me up or make me even happier.

  2. I've never heard of Matt White Band. However, that's really great how this song can change your mood and make you feel better. Very little things, such as a hello, compliment, or smile can totally make someone's day. You're correct in saying that these things can go out to family, friends, or complete strangers and not be limited to that "special someone."

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has images come into their head when they listen to certain songs. There are times where we all miss the good times we had in the past. We treasure those memories for pretty much the rest of our lives.

    Anyways, great choice of song. Everyone should have a song like this in their life.

  3. Any song that makes me happy I like. ALthough the song I chose isn't necessarily one that makes someone happy, it still gives you the feeling I like. I haven't heard of this song but the way you described it makes me want to listen to it. Good choice.