Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rhetoric and the Media

Out of the three choices for the rhetorical analysis project I think that the ads are the most effective type of rhetoric. Ads can be posted everywhere; in magazines, on bilboards, on posters, etc. People see ads everywhere and may not even realize it. Ads are simple but stick in your mind through using catchy phrases or pictures. Ads can also reach out to multiple audiences. The post secret postcards are pretty effective because they are very personal, but they are only effective to those reading The video is also effective because it stands out from the other two. In a video you are watching somebody deliver lines that are entertaining, and often show pictures or video clips to make their piece even more memorable. But, like the post cards a person must choose to watch the video. Ads are the most effective because they are posted everywhere and constantly viewed by multiple people.
If I were to re-do my rhetorical analysis project I still would have chosen the same media source (post secret) because it seemed the most interesting to me. I've never been really interested in making movies or shows so the video wouldn't have been right for me. The ads would have been cool to do, but I've done a few projects similar to that in high school when studying the effects of media. The post secret post card was something different and gave me a chance to act as if I were in somebody else's shoes telling getting something off their conscience which is pretty cool. It may not be the most effective type of media, but it was fun to make.


  1. Ads are sometimes hiding in society, which is a very good point. Catch phrases or sequences can get into people's minds (such as ones from the super bowl that some people still talk about). I liked the post secret because it was personal as well, but they only go out to that limited audience as you said. I agree that the video might not be available to everyone to view and that they have to view it themselves, but then again there are many people who watch television.

    Post secret was a great idea and yours were very well done. Out of all of them, I'm pretty sure I remember yours the best. Assignments/projects are always better when people are interested in them. Still, great job!

  2. Post secret was a good choice for something more personal. Ads are definitely viewed on a daily basis and they are probably the most effective way to preach information. Videos are effective as well, but they are harder to influence a large audience.

    I really liked your post secret, and you had a very creative idea. I was thinking of choosing that option because I've created advertisements before but I couldn't think of anything that would be very interesting to me or my audience. Great Job Kristen.

  3. You are right about ads. They are everywhere and connect with many different people. The videos in this case were meant to be funny like you said. I did postsecret mostly because of how easy it was. But making up an item to advertise is pretty difficult even though it could be fun to see what you make up. And the video idea was mostly for those people that wanted it.