Friday, January 29, 2010

Gallien Prompt

I think the reason that Gallien did not call the police is because he had faith in McCandless. For every question Gallien asked Chris had an answer. Chris also seemed very confident about being able to survive on his journey. I think that Gallien saw this and trusted that Chris could handle himself. Also, Chris was very set on making the journey on his own using his own methods. Gallien didn't want to ruin Chris's aspirations, especially because he could see how pationate McCandless was about making the trip on his own.
I also think that another part of letting Chris go without calling the police was Gallien wanting to see if Chris could actually do it. By the way Gallien was asking questions it seemed as though he was intrigued by Chris's plan and was curious about the outcome.


  1. Gallien said he noticed how smart Chris was. He also noticed that there was no stopping him. You point out that Gallien was curious about the outcome. That he was intruiged to see what Chris could really do because Gallien thought he was smart and knew what he was doing. I think that may have played an important role in Galliens decision.

  2. There is a lot of truth into what you have said here. Faith in people goes a long way, and I like how you encorporated that in your response. Chris may have been unprepared, but Gallien offered some help knowing that in the end Chris should be ok due to his perserverence and desire.

  3. Gallien did indeed have faith in Chris, but I think we all agree that Chris was ruthless and unwilling to bend his mindset about making this journey. I like how you said that Gallien didn't want to ruin Chris's aspirations. With every indication that he wasn't going to change, Gallien noticed that saying anything to Chris would only discourae him and weaken the mental aspect he needed to pursue this trip.