Thursday, April 22, 2010

English Portfolio

My research essay is the paper that needs the most work right now. I need to find sources that address the overall topic rather than just the television show. This essay also needs a lot of revision in the organization of the paragraphs. Right now my essay is very choppy so organization and transition will help the ideas flow together better. I also need to work on addressing my argument throughout the whole essay rather than at the beginning and end. This will focus my paper more rather than just providing a lot of examples with no explanation. The final thing I need to work on with this essay is being more specific about what I am talking about. It was pointed out to me that I use the word culture a lot but don't explain specifically what culture and why that is important. This will be a large part in the editing of my essay.

The essay that needs the least editing is my close reading paper. This essay has a good start to it so far, I just need to work on being specific and focusing my ideas. Currently my paper is somewhat broad so with more explanations I will be able to make a more clear point. I also need to emphasize the purpose of my essay because right now the focus is the argument that Krakauer is making rather than my point of view. These simple improvements will make my paper a lot strong and more clear to the reader.

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  1. My research essay is also the paper that needs the most done to it. Because it is such a focused and long paper I have a feeling that a lot of us will need to work on making our ideas flow togehter better. One thing that was also a huge weakness in my paper was focusing my paper around something other than my primary source, having that huge meaning behind my source. After reading your paper it sounds like you are definitely on the right track and I am sure your paper will turn out great. As for your other two papers I definitely agree, they are off to a good start and dont need to much stuff done to them, just minor revisions. Hopefully this next week goes well and we can really help eachother out for our portfolio. See you tuesday!