Friday, March 26, 2010

the cosby show

My topic for the research essay is The Cosby Show. It has influenced America in several ways, and has also been aired in other countries as well. One way it has influenced America is through providing an example of a happy family going through everyday family issues. Each episode deals with a different conflict that many American families can relate to and use as an example of how to deal with issues in a positive way. By the end of each episode the problem is resolved and people generally stay happy throughout the whole conflict. Although this seems unrealistic it still helps show that you can combat issues in a positive way. This is the central issue that I am focusing my paper on. The impact of being a model of an ideal family can be used currently and in the future because family is continually an important part of society.
Another way the Cosby Show has impacted America is through being an African American based sitcom. Before the Cosby Show there were not many shows featuring African American's. Several episode had African American themes, but the topic of race was rarely brought up. This show led up to more African American based shows, including the Fresh Prince of Belair.
The Cosby Show is unique not only for being African American based, but for also being centered around a comedian. This was one of the first shows centered around a comedian making it original. It also uses clean humor, making it different from several popular comedy shows such as the Simpsons.

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  1. Good choice picking The Cosby Show, as it's still aired every now and again. Anyways, the show does depict a family as it goes through various conflicts. Although, as you said, it is not realistic, the show does provide an example for which families can follow by. I'm pretty sure not all families would stay happy throughout each and every conflict though, as my family doesn't haha. Still, family is very important in most in not all socieites. Moving on to your second point, The Cosby Show featuring an African American family was something that had never been done before, and it was a hit. Maybe African Americans were not on television that much due to civil rights issues, but I'm not entirely sure about that topic. Also, having Billy Cosby be the star of the show does put a spin on it since he is a commedian. It has influenced other comedies, as you have put. Family Guy and The Simpsons are two that immediately come to my mind, but they feature more language and violence of course. All in all, great explanations and good choice on your topic.